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After studying at St. John’s College here in Santa Fe, I stayed. The rigor and dedication of being a St. John’s student was to become, for me, the foundation for  my landscape design: thoughtful, precise and aesthetically appealing. It also inspired the way I put the business together, extraordinary care, communication, service and installation processes.  

I was born and raised in the Caribbean, in Curacao. I speak Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish, English, French, as well as a little Portuguese. My parents were always taking the family traveling to experience culture, food, art, history, and other countries.  From a very young age, they took us traveling. I spent weekends at interesting spots around the island and took trips to the U.S. during the summers.  

When it came time for me to graduate, I knew that design was what called to me the most, and being an entrepreneur and business owner was the path for me. The greatest appeal was designing difficult spaces for people with specific and particular tastes.

I am impassioned when someone approaches me with a problem that I know we will solve in our elegant, and eloquent creations. I embrace complexity as an opportunity to create something from scratch.



I learned early on that nature, for me, was a gateway to peace.

Our Team

Our team is made up of design and installation professionals. Together, we infuse each commission with creativity, passion, and excellence.

Our goal: create landscapes that connect people to nature.

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Where We Work

Santa Fe, New Mexico is Urbanna’s home base. We love the colors and textures of our desert home. Additionally, we work with discerning clientele in San Diego, California; Savannah, Georgia; and Key West, Florida to help select the right local landscape installation firm and manage the progress both remotely and through onsite visits. 

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Our Work

Each collaboration we embark on is unique—we never create the same landscape twice. 

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