Urbanna Landscaping Employee Highlight: Justin Aguino

Learn more about Urbanna Landscaping’s team in this month’s employee spotlight on Urbana team member Justin Aguino

Justin Aguino

Justin brings a passion for being outside, and working with his hand, to his job. “Most of my work history is working outside, from when I was a kid. When I worked in more of an office environment, the hours were long… with this job I’m able to spend more time with my family.“

At Urbanna, Justin enjoys being able to start something from scratch, just young starter plants, and finishing the process, adjusting as everything grows.


“I like the project we’re working on now – it’s an elaborate design and it’s interesting seeing it come together.” And his coworkers – “they’re all good men,” he says.“I want to grow in the career as much as I can – learn from the guys, and keep progressing in landscaping and construction,” he explains.  It’s true of all careers, he points out. You learn what to do and what not to do.